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Decouple your Crypto from FIAT.

We are live!

Thank you everyone who contributed to the project! We are live on uniswap

Our Mission

Mission I - Active

We call this phase the Big Bang, like everything is universe, everything started with the initial energy.

  • Deployment of Plan B DAO token
  • Deployment of Mint Contract
  • Deployment of Plan B NFT Trading Card
  • Building a crypto community
  • Release of Plan B Ventures Paper
  • Launch of Uniswap Pair with ETH
Mission II - To Be Done

Release of the Stake Contract, with Burn Rewards mechanism for increase reward boost and stake NFT bonus of Founders

  • Deployment of Plan B Stake Contract
  • Adding new features to the Plan B App
  • Plan B Non-Profit
  • Plan B Ventures
  • Plan B Opportunity Boards
Mission III - To Be Done

Focus on building new pairs with other communities around crypto and test phase of CASH and the SMART CASH WALLET.

  • Start of the test phase of CASH
  • Increase Social Present
  • Creating new pairs with other cryptocurrency communities
  • Start of CEX negotiations and listing
  • Plan B Milestone Fund and Goals
Mission IV - To Be Done


NFT Trading

Your special NFT Trading Cards, that improve your stake, burn, the UI of the app, and more. Only for limited time you can get the NFT Founder Card that will give you a x2 Boost on your stake. More cards are coming in the future.

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The contract address is 0xe77f82f288a6a7eb4ac295a86fccb1f6d240499b